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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

paediatric here i am

Hi guys!

I am in paeds now!

Maaf kata-kata di atas adalah pengaruh group rakan sekerja. Campur aduk muslim and non muslim.


ASSALAMUALAIKUM pembaca semua! (^_^)

I ve been missing to write in this blog for so long...

Nawrah is 2 yrs and half now. Such a great, lovely big sis! Although she is just weighing 2 kg more than the adorable little man abid. But she had an extraordinary strength! Believe me. Every now and then will make my tough man cries. Hehe. 

And i with my chronic back pain and little caliph inside. Just entering paediatric department. Still new to me even though i just realise i have been here for almost 1 month! Haha. 

So far i love paeds.

Probably because i love goin to work everyday without my white coat.

Love the working hours which not making me feel like being hospitalised!

Love the environment... the adorable kids. The cute little newborns...oh so sorry we had to poke you dear..

Anyhow. I m still struggling.

For my faith.
For my family.
For my tranquility.
For my health.
For the not so glory profession.

May Allah help me and ease everything...

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